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Shanghai Expo 2010

The expo pavilion is a complex problem of displaying the future of technology, culture, and life with today’s capabilities. To take a look forward and to examine not only what is on display but the aperture that holds that promise of a better city, better life.  

Sinister is a critique about the way we think about solar and server technology. Solar and similar technology has been looked at as the savior of the energy crisis without much investigation into the overall impact on the world’s ecology. Will we have a future with large machines paved over the earth to harness the power of its environment?


Solar / Server Farm

The melding of cultural and commercial worlds within a 75 story expansion tower produces a unique problem and opportunity for the exploration of program and aesthetic.  The MoMA Expansion is a mixed-use tower that has a dispersion of programs and a variety of expressions which blur and intermingle across the tower, creating a tower typology that is much more like an urban city than a tower. 


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