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Whether we are driving, taking the bus, bicycling or riding the subway, each of our trips begins and ends with a walk; the plaza is the intermediate comfort zone between our journey. Unlike a side walk, a plaza is a place in its own right; a place to relax and enjoy the livelihood of the urban street, a place to gather with friends, a place to grab a cup of coffee, a place to buy fresh fruit, a place for the people. An urban plaza can capture the soul of a city and rejuvenate its inhabitants and create an experience that breaks away from the routine of life.


By looking at parametric component logic, Rethinking the Plaza seamlessly pulls itself up out of the ground to create more intimate and private spaces within.  The experiential boundary is blurred; are you in a building, under a canopy, walking through art, on the edge, are you in or are you out.  This intervention into the public realm creates a space where people can slow down their lives; but also asks us to rethink the way we interact with ourselves and our environment.


Public Space






Design Partner:

Simon Lee

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