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Building as a mediator is not just a simple line drawn between man and nature.  It is a call and response condition played at by both ends.  The machine driven by man reacts to nature’s environment to capture energy; but while doing so the machine changes the very environment it seeks to respond to, creating a new set of parameters.  This play between environment and energy is not the only condition created.  


Green Factory raises questions of what is program, what is wall, interior and exterior play on volumetric space, are you inside or out or possible both, are you above ground or below, are you driving the machine or is the machine driving you.  This play on these ideas extends into the aesthetics, a landscape that is revealed to be mechanical in nature but the process of becoming more cohesive with nature.  The building as a machine driven by man records even if temporarily nature’s environment and effects while simultaneously creating new parameters which it must in return record.


Lama Foundation



Philadelphia, PA



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