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Sinister is a critique about the way we think about solar and server technology. Solar and similar technology has been looked at as the savior of the energy crisis without much investigation into the overall impact on the world’s ecology A future with large machines paved over the earth to harness the power of its environment. Using the grotesque as a formal exploration, sinister takes a look at the way formal expressions and organizations can produce effects to challenge this normative way of thinking and question what the role of environmental technologies will play in the future.

Setting up a network of circulation, as well as, power and solar distribution allows coherence throughout the entire Nine square mile site in the Mohave Desert but maintains localized conditions that start to break down the site’s scale into clusters or districts that produce different opportunities for inhabitation and experience.  These districts create experience ranging from a walkway under solar fields to large civic plaza that starts to define each individual area throughout the expansive site, creating pockets of interest that lie among the solar field.


Solar/Server Farm


Mojave Desert, CA




Designer Partner:

Meagan Marchant

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